We’ve tried to answer our most frequently asked questions below but please shout if there is anything at all that we can help you with (email us on orders@ilovepopco.com).

Can I order directly from you for an event?

Yes! You can order a) a box of pops (head this way and select the quantity) b) you can order as many pops as you need and we’ll come and serve them with our fancy freezer at your event (head this way) or c) you can tell us about your event and we’ll come and sell our pops so it’s no cost to you (again, head this way).

How many pops are in a box?

We sell boxes of 8, 30 or 100 pops in a box. If you need a particular number, give us a shout and we will see what we can do! Order online here or email us on orders@ilovepopco.com.

Are your pops available in Joburg or Durban?

Not yet! But we are working on it 😉

How healthy are your pops?

We use only the freshest, natural ingredients we can get our hands on. We do not use any preservatives or artificial colourants or flavourants and we try and keep the sugar content to an absolute minimum. We do have some sugar-free options and we’re developing more.

Do you have any vegan pops?

Yes, right now we have two flavours: Coco Pine and Avocado Lime and we’re working on more.

Can I order a box of pops for my child’s birthday party?

Our pops are a hit with young and old! You are very welcome to order a box of pops for your child’s party. This is the box we recommend.

Can you serve popsicles at our wedding?

Sure thing 🙂 We would love to. Book us for an event and we’ll be there.

I have a restaurant/shop/deli and want to stock your pops. Can I?

Yes! You are welcome to join our super star team of suppliers. Head this way for more info.